Can Tap Water Pose a Risk to Your Health?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the quality of tap water worldwide. This has become a hot topic quickly because of the many potentially health-threatening contaminants found in the tap water. But is it all true? Is tap water actually filled with so many contaminants, and if so, do they actually pose a risk to your health? If you want to find out the truth, read the following lines.

Tap water contaminants

Tap water contaminants generally fall under four categories, including physical contaminants, biological contaminants, chemical contaminants, and radiological contaminants.

Physical contaminants impact the appearance and other physical properties of water. The most common physical contaminants in tap water are organic materials and sediments.

The biological contaminants are represented by the organisms found in tap water. Some of the most common biological contaminants are viruses, bacteria, parasites, and protozoan.

Chemical contaminants are man-made or naturally occurring. The common tap water chemical contaminants are pesticides, bleach, metals, nitrogen, salts, and toxins produced by bacteria and drugs.

The common radiological contaminants found in tap water are uranium, cesium, and plutonium. They are able to emit ionizing radiation due to the fact that they are chemical elements with an unbalanced number of neutrons and protons.

Health risks associated with drinking tap water

Because of a large number of contaminants that lurk in tap water, it’s clear that drinking it regularly and in large amounts will harm your health. The most common health risks that you expose yourself to when drinking contaminated tap water are impaired brain function, circulatory system damage, muscle weakness, skin irritation, lung damage, bone damage, and kidney disease. Unfortunately, some tap water contaminants pose a greater risk when consumed regularly. For example, if the tap water that you drink contains beryllium, you expose yourself to the appearance of cancer.

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