Easy Hairstyles for Busy Women

Time might be limited for women who have a busy schedule, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t find a way to focus on their image and look perfect for work. If you want to find out which are the easy hairstyles for busy women that you can pull off without wasting a lot of time, read the following lines.

The sock bun

The sock bun looks very simple, but it’s actually a versatile hairstyle that goes perfectly with any office outfit. Also, the hairstyle can be worn even when you go to dinner or dancing with your friends after work. To make the sock bun, you must wet your hair a little, making it slightly more manageable. Comb it back into a high ponytail. Take an old sock, cut the toe portion, and roll its edges down the sides until you end up with a little bun. Thread the end of the ponytail with the sock bun, and hold your hair over the edge of the bun, tucking it underneath. Fold the sock bun over. Wrap it with your hair, and keep folding until you reach the crown of your head.

The basic bob

The basic bob works great for both long and short hair. It’s best suited for those who have naturally straight hair, but even if your hair is wavy or curly, you can fix this problem by using a flat iron. Therefore, before you begin making the basic bob hairstyle, take the flat iron out and straighten your hair. Afterward, comb your hair and give it a little volume by gently backcombing it at the base of the crown. If there are any parts that are curling, use the flat iron on them. At the end, spray your hair with hairspray for it to sit properly.

Messy knot

The messy knot hairstyle is perfect for the third day after you wash your hair when it becomes disheveled. To take your messy hair and transform it into a gorgeous hairdo, make a low and loose ponytail. Let the stray strands of hair sit where they fall. Wrap the tail around itself in a bun. At the end, pin the knot in place, put the wisps behind your ears, and you’re ready to go to work.