Fashion Trends for the Autumn of 2016

Although the weather will get colder, you will still want to dress nicely and not wrap your body in anything that will keep you warm. For the biggest fashionistas and for every woman who wants to look their best, here are some of the latest fashion trends that will guarantee the autumn of 2016 will be a great fashion season.

The mini skirt suits

Designers have stated that this fall, women should wear matching suits with mini skirts and waist-length jackets. The fabrics differ in texture and print but the basic idea remains in every suit and we can say that this fashion trend is a great one that will meet the needs of women willing to be stylish at work.

The medieval gown

This fall, you can feel like a medieval princess thanks to this trend that has taken over the runways. Most of the dresses designers propose for the fall season are made of velvet, silk or veil and have large bell sleeves, corsets, and delicate embroidery that look stunning.

Sparkling fabrics

For those who love shiny clothes and thought they were only suitable for summer or evening events, we have a great news: the autumn of 2016 brings the most sparkling clothes for the cheeriest wardrobe. One particular model that stands out is the one that looks like Christmas tinsel and it was used to design blouses, skirts, even long coats and the results are quite impressive.

Navy-inspired clothes

During the last seasons, the navy clothes were mostly used for summer clothes because they made you think about summer and vacations but this autumn, navy suffered a makeover and was adapted to warmer clothes. This autumn, make sure you have a pair of sailor pants and a double-buttoned blue jacket.

The floral prints

To make autumn happier and to forget about the plain dark colors, fashion designers have created clothes with large floral prints that inspire warmth and joy. Whether you opt for a floral coat or a suit, or you choose a large circle skirt, the floral prints will help you put together an interesting and youthful outfit.


If you want a more stylish and elegant version of a coat, this year you can try the capelets that keep you warm and classy. There are many models and prints to choose from so you will always find the one that best suits your look. The sleeve capelet adds a touch of sweetness to your outfit with the cute frill over your shoulders.

The leather trench coat

The often autumn rains will need to be handled with style so you might want to consider getting a patented leather coat that will protect you from the rain while keeping you in style. The abundance of colors, shapes, and lengths promote the leather trench coat as one of the most popular fashion trends for the autumn of 2016.