How to Dress to Look Thinner

Nobody is perfect, all of us having flaws that we want to hide. If the flaw that is making you feel insecure is your weight, you can still look appealing if you know certain fashion tricks. Therefore, if you want to lose a couple of pounds by dressing smart, read the following lines to find out what fashion choices you must make.

Wear heels with jeans

You have probably noticed on celebrities and in magazines a lot of times the interesting combination of heels and jeans. The reason why this look is preferred by a lot of women is that it makes them look leaner and longer. Best of all, heels can be worn with jeans by women of all sizes without looking bad. The most flattering choices to go with are boot-cut jeans or straight-leg jeans that sit on the hips, and black heels.

Go with midrise jeans

Too many women make the mistake of wearing low-rise jeans, even if their figure isn’t flattered by this choice at all. The truth is that the only ones who should wear low-rise jeans are the women who go to the gym regularly and have a fit body. To make sure that the jeans you are wearing look good on you and that they make you look thinner, you should stick to midrise jeans. Going a few inches below the belly button, the midrise jeans do a great job at hiding your belly.

Pencil skirts

All women look gorgeous in pencil skirts, and this is a fact that no one can deny. The high waist and the sleek fit of the pencil skirt are what helps all women look perfect in it. Also, it’s especially great for those who struggle with extra pounds because it makes them look thinner. If you wear it with a pair of comfortable high heels, everyone will think that you are following a miracle diet that helped you slim down.

Use the slimming power of black

This is the oldest trick in the fashion book, and it’s the most effective as well. By wearing all black, you can appear even 10 pounds thinner. Therefore, if you want to look thinner than ever, make sure that every piece of your outfit is black. The only exception that you can make if you want to diversify your look is to wear bright colored shoes.